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Which Toploader Should I Use?

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Which Toploader Should I Use?

One of the most important lessons for sports cards supplies is understanding toploader sizes.

For anybody new to the sports card collecting game it can be daunting trying to understand all the different sizes of cards and different sports card supplies.

Don't worry, we've got you covered with our Toploader Size Guide!

Need a good toploader size guide? Look no Further!

Toploader Size Guide

Before you even start using toploaders, make sure that you use penny sleeves for your cards before they go into a toploader. This prevents them from getting scratched. 

Toploader sizes come in two main dimensions. They’re extremely important to understand to ensure you’re buying the right toploaders for your cards: 


  • Standard Size – 3” x 4” (7.62 cm x 10.16cm) – the most common sports card size
  • Tobacco Size – 1 716 ” x 2 58 ” (3.7 cm x 6.7 cm) – for mini trading cards


Toploader Thicknesses

Sports card thicknesses are almost universally measured in ‘points’ or ‘pt’ for short. 1 point is the equivalent to 0.001 inches or 0.025 millimeters.

Once you know the thickness of a card or cards you want to store, you can determine the exact toploader size you’ll use to secure your sports card safely.

The most common toploader size thickness is 20pt. There is a large variety of different sizes which are commonly 55pt, 75pt, 100pt, 120pt, 130pt, 180pt and 360pt.

You can find a printable Card Thickness Point Gauge here which is the ultimate toploader size guide. You can print it and have it on hand to instantly find the thickness of your cards to find out the perfect toploader size.

Toploader Thickness Guide

Below list a list of common sports card series and sizes to work out the perfect toploader size to use :-

  • 1 Regular Card = 20-35 point – Use a 35pt holder (also called regular card holder) – i.e. NBA Hoops, NBA/NFL Prizm base cards


  • 3 Regular Cards = 55 point – Use a 55pt holder (also called thick holder) i.e. MLB Bowman Chrome Autos


  • 4 Regular Cards = 70-75 point – Use a 75pt holder (also called extra thick holder) i.e. jersey patch autos


  • 5 Regular Cards = 85-90 point – Use a 100pt holder (also called game used size or extra thick holder) i.e most NBA/NFL patches


  • 6-8 Regular Cards = 110-130 point – Use a 130pt holder (also called memorabilia size or real thick holder) i.e. NBA/NFL Rookie Patch Autos and Patches, High end products like National Treasures, Flawless


  • 9-12 Regular Cards = 180 Point – Use a 180pt holder (also called super thick holder) i.e. NBA/NFL Rookie Patch Autos and Patches (generally /25 or less) from high end products like National Treasures, Flawless


  • 13-24 Regular Cards = greater than 180 Point – Use a 260pt or 360pt holder.

Now you hopefully have a better understanding of toploader size and thicknesses. Please remember, make sure you’re using penny sleeves for your cards before they go into a toploader. 

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Maria Aguilar

Where can I buy 260 pt penny sleeves? I was able to find 260 pt toploaders but no sleeves.

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