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Beckett Card Grading Service

Beckett Card Grading Service

Why Choose Beckett Card Grading?


Increases Value

Grading increases the value of your cards compared to raw card prices, while making your valuable assets easier to sell. We offer best value market grading that helps you get the most for your cards.

Verifies Authenticity

As part of the grading process, Beckett authenticates your cards.

Industry Reputation

Beckett Grading is the #1 most trusted source in collecting. We are the most-recognized name in the industry for our objective grading services.

State-of-the-Art Protection

Our crystal-clear holder and high-end label include advanced security features and archival material for maximum protection and enjoyment of your cards. Beckett’s holders stack together for easy storage of your card collection.


 What's Included with BGS Grading?


Grading Process

Order online to choose your Grading Service, and check our next shipping dates while you’re there
Deliver your cards to our office 
Receive your cards back from us, securely-encapsulated and BGS graded; track your card and delivery at every step.


    BGS Standard Card Grading

    $65.00 $120.00

    BGS Base Card Grading

    $37.00 $60.00

    BGS Autograph Authentication

    $90.00 $150.00