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SGC Card Grading

SGC Card Grading

Why Choose SGC? 


Increases Value

Grading increases the value of your cards compared to raw card prices, while making your valuable assets easier to sell. We offer best value market grading that helps you get the most for your cards.

Verifies Authenticity

As part of the grading process, SGC authenticates your cards.

Grading Scale

Today's sophisticated trading card market requires a specific grading scale. SGC uses a scale which eliminates the grades known as "tweeners": no grading scale is more accurate or consistent. Many industry experts agree that accurate grades mean more accurate prices for your trading cards!

These grade descriptions are guidelines, designed to outline the evaluation process of the SGC grading team as they establish a specific physical condition grade. Other factors that may or may not contribute to the final assigned grade might not be specifically noted in these descriptions.


What's Including with SGC Grading?

With SGC Grading, you’ll receive:


Grading Process

Order online to choose your Grading Service – and check our next shipping dates while you’re there
Deliver your cards to our office 
Receive your cards back from us, securely-encapsulated and SGC graded; track your card and delivery at every step.

    SGC Card Grading Submission

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