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Tips and Tricks for getting higher grades with PSA

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Tips and Tricks for getting higher grades with PSA

Being a devoted PSA reviewed card gatherer for a few years now, and have made many submissions to PSA for evaluating. I made a short list of tips and tricks on the best way to expand your odds of getting higher evaluations when sending your cards to PSA. Despite the fact that, I have no assurance of these tips working, I have gotten numerous PSA 10 gem mint returns that I have submitted myself. 

Remember that I cannot prove that these tips work. They are just guidance and a theme for conversation. Don't hesitate to comment below on any tips you may have!

Inspect Your Cards Under Magnifying Light

PSA utilizes the furthest down the line innovation to get defects like re-shading, surface scratches, reprints, fake signatures, cutting, etc. To investigate your cards fair and square that PSA does you need things like a gem specialists loupe, a black light and an magnifying light. Particularly in the event that you plan on putting a ton of cash into the hobby and having a lot of submissions each year like I do.

PSA High Graded cards usually have the following:

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