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Top 5 Highest Selling Larry Bird BGS 9 Cards February 2020

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Top 5 Highest Selling Larry Bird BGS 9 Cards February 2020

What's up guys! 

Faz from here, back with some exciting sales news for the month of Feb!

Hope everyone is doing OK during this tough and unprecedented time! It's been a crazy couple of months that has seen people's lives turned upside down, but that has not stopped Collectors, Hobby Enthusiasts or Investors from spending BIG on the NBA card market. 

We have seen everything move from, Current Day to Modern and Golden Era and even Vintage pieces move well in the Market Place.

Larry 'Legend' Bird is without doubt one of the greatest NBA basketball players of all time, and, whilst he is definitely in the discussion for GOAT, he and Magic Johnson popularised the sport for us all back in the 1980's when the League was about to go broke . While some of his cards, particularly his earlier ones, sell for high price points, he usually doesn't command as much mark-up as some of the slightly more popular stars from the NBA.

We have seen slightly less movement in Larry Joe Bird's graded cards, as they are becoming increasingly rarer, and thus people are starting to hold on to them as Collectors Pieces or long-term investments.

Today's review will be on the Top Highest Selling Larry Bird Cards for the month of February 2020. Now, these are confirmed sales only, no speculations or guesses, just the highest sales numbers. Please note that these cards are all BGS 9 or 9.5 rated cards. BGS 9 + cards are generally valued much higher due to the Beckett Grading System usually being a bit stricter and tougher to land higher grades on then their competitors, thus rating the value of each high graded card (usually).




Sold For: $100

As stated in the introduction, The Legend's Cards are definitely being 'locked up', as more and more people realise that era is drifting further and further away from current day trends. This has not stopped the sales rolling on though. Probably sold for too little given this was an Auto 10.



 2015 Immaculate Collegiate Gold Ink Larry Bird Sycamores HOF AUTO 5 BGS 9 MINT CONDITION

Sold For: $104

Talk about a 'Rare Bird', some lucky punter walked away with a crazy deal! Look out for my Larry Bird Autos to surface in the coming months!


 2011-12 Upper Deck All Time Greats Larry Bird AUTO AUTOGRAPH #D 13 of 15 BGS 9 MINT CONDITION

Selling Price: $132

Yet again, another Larry Legend Auto walks out the door at a crazy price! We can definitely expect this trend to continue for a while.



1981 Larry Bird TOPPS 2nd Year Solo Rookie #14 BGS 9 MINT CONDITION 9.5 subs 

Selling Price: $150

Dare I say it, this could be one of the finds of the year so far! $150 USD for an original 1981 Larry Bird Card. Had to be a fire sale!



2012 Flawless Larry Bird Greats Dual Patch Auto 20 BGS 9 MINT CONDITION 10 AUTO 

Sold For: $300

Larry Bird cards are definitely worth a look for long term investment. His cards were not moving much past $100 USD in recent years, and now we have seen a huge increase in perceived value and an increase in price following this.


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