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The 'Auto King': Mark aka Bayside Card Collector

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The 'Auto King': Mark aka Bayside Card Collector
Mark, thanks for your time today 🙏 
This will be a new segment aimed at the hobby, and the more grass roots parts of it! 
Let's go!
Faz: You got quite a large collection of trading cards, how long have you been collecting and what got you started as a collector?
Mark: I have been collecting since early to mid -1990s as was just starting to get into Basketball as a player and cards secondly as the big boom hit Australia, I was previously a collector of Star Wars toys and memorabilia so always been a collector.
Faz: Let's talk sports cards: favourite sports cards (nba/nfl/mbl etc) ?
Mark: Favourite sport is Basketball but have also collected previously MLB and NFL .
Faz: Buying and selling cards: how long have you been in the business and would you move into it full time like a few others in the industry?
MarkOnly been buying and selling more frequently in recent years as a hobbyist via Ebay , FB Groups and Consignment . Have plans to transition into a business with a vision to becoming full time
Faz: Youve been dubbed 'The King of Autos', how many Auto cards are in your collection now?
Mark: 20 + Autos in collection,
Paul Pierce
was a lot more but have sold a lot to fund my Kobe Rookie PSA chase .
Faz: We've seen you shift into game cards with The Mandolorian, has this taken over from basketball cards or can you fit them both in ? (Haha) 
MarkI will be continuing to get more into non-sports cards Star Wars
The Mandalorian Graded
and One Piece TCG in addition to Basketball, but I can do both lol 😊 also looking to expand to Australian Football AFL .
Thanks again Mark + cheers for supporting the little guy as always 👍 
Checkout Mark's IG Account here!
Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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