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5 Questions with Faz - Jayson Collectable

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5 Questions with Faz - Jayson Collectable

Hi Jayson!

Thanks again for your time, mate! 
(Sorry it took so long; this time of the year is terrible for time management.)
You've captured a bit of an audience with your YouTube stuff, including myself and my kids, haha!
Let's jump into it!


Faz: From the outside, looking in, you look like you have quite a collection of stuff! How long have you been collecting toys and cards, etc.?

Jayson: I have a pretty full on addiction to collecting things, haha. To limit my spending, I try to only focus on collecting one thing at a time. Over the recent years, I have mainly focused on AFL footy cards. I started collecting AFL footy stickers and cards when I was a kid and then got back into it in 2015, getting a pack of TeamCoach from the servo and hitting a Magic Wildcard. Other things I enjoy collecting are horror and movie action figures, Transformers figures, and retro video games.

Faz: You've been on YouTube for 7 or 8 years, I think, with close to 70k subs. Some of your early toy collection videos blew up. Do you still have the McFarlane toy sets? (they look impressive.)

Jayson: I started my YouTube channel in 2015 with a collection update of my 2015 TeamCoach footy cards. I also did collection videos of my action figures over the years, and I was fortunate that YouTube pushed a couple of them into 'recommended' for a bit and they did fairly well. I still have all my action figures but I moved houses about a year ago and don't have the real estate to display and enjoy them so I am looking at down sizing my collection. The detail in the figures is insane so parting with them is going to be difficult haha.

Faz: I'm a huge Pies supporter (don't hate), so we love watching you get the Pies cards on camera. Haha, the Bobby Hill Signature Card was epic! Who's your team?

Jayson: I am a Bombers supporter, but I enjoy watching any AFL teams/players who are in great form. Yeah, the Bobby Hill signature card is really cool. Select release some great premium cards. I am a particular fan of their signature cards. It is funny, when I hit a rare/valuable card of a particular player, it makes me more interested in watching them play footy, and it is awesome seeing them do well on the ground.

Faz: Your cards collection must be epic! You get into the TeamCoach cards, which is awesome, my kids found you on YouTube and love the Footy Card Battles! Do you have a favourite between Select and Teamcoach—or is it mutual love?

Jayson: That is awesome to hear the kids enjoy Footy Card Battle vids. They are a lot of fun to record. I am a massive fan of both Select and TeamCoach footy cards. My audience on YouTube definitely prefers seeing TeamCoach pack opening vids so I open more TeamCoach on YouTube. I do an annual TeamCoach Wildcard collection update vid where I show all my box and case hits from multiple years. Last year's vid had over 500 box/case hits in it. This year we might hit over 600.

Faz: The Advent Calendar and the Pack Battles were awesome to watch! Will these continue in the coming season, and can we expect some different surprises shortly with content?

Jayson: I appreciate the kind words about the vids. Although I did pack opening vids prior, I started doing the Footy Card Battle vids in 2018. I came up with the idea as I am a massive fan of the Street Fighter video games and that was the inspiration to do the multiple pack rounds where characters/players/teams would battle each other. It is really cool seeing all these other YouTube channels now doing their own pack battle vids. To know that I have inspired these awesome channels doing these kinds of vids is really humbling.

The weekly Footy Card Battles will be back every Wednesday night during the footy season with the release of the 2024 Footy Stars and TeamCoach cards. We will have new weekly prizes including the 2024 Jayson Collectables signature cards, which I am absolutely pumped to release! I also plan to do the Advent Calendar again, which was a lot of fun too.

Cheers for the chat mate! Really appreciate it!

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