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Top 5 Highest Selling Zion Williamson Cards - January 2021

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Top 5 Highest Selling Zion Williamson Cards - January 2021

What's up guys! 

Faz from here, back with some exciting sales news for the month of January!

Hope everyone is doing OK and Well in the New Year!

We saw a roller coaster ride for card sales and prices last year, and this year the trend looks to continue, with a solid upward trajectory.

Zion Williamson has been one of the - if not THE - biggest movers in the sports card world, with numbers and prices resembling that of a retired Michael Jordan. Interestingly enough people are prepared to 'gamble' on some of these almost unbelievable prices, all on a guy who has been around for 12 months.

The Number 1 draft pick, who is built somewhat like a cross between Larry Johnson (the number 1 draft pick from 1991) and Charles Barkley. His stats are very similar to both those guys too. However, statistically, he is not as good as either of these players. He did have a better rookie season than Barkley, but Barkley was a 6th man on a Contending roster at Philadelphia - a Team that included Dr J and Moses Malone. Larry Johnson had a much better and more consistent rookie year in my opinion - and averaged a Double Double in his rookie season capturing rookie of the year.

Anyways, enough with the background context - lets delve into the highest selling cards!

Today's review will be on the Top Highest Selling Zion Williamson Cards for the month of January 2021. Now, these are confirmed sales only, no speculations or guesses, just the highest sales numbers. 



2019-20 Prizm Fast Break PURPLE /75 Zion Williamson RC BGS 9.5

Zion Williamson RC

Final Sale Price: $7k US

7k for the number 5 spot - we all know where this is headed! Upwards! And Graded BGS 9.5 too. 1 of only 75 made, not a bad deal at all given what we have seen in recent times.



2019-20 Panini Contenders Optic Uniformity 2/10 ZION WILLIAMSON

Zion RC

Final Sale Price: $7995 USD

Great looking card, and for it being a 2 of 10 series, maybe uderpriced - only given what we have seen in recent times.



2019/20 Panini Flawless ZION WILLIAMSON Rookie Auto 12/25

Zion RC

Final Sale Price: $10850 AUD

Another big hit in the Flawless series, this card made its mark to an Australian Buyer in January.



2019-20 Zion Williamson Rookie Card Gold Wave Panini Mosaic SSP Prizm Holo /10

Zion Mosaic Prizm Holo

Final Sale Price: $9839 USD

Given Mosaic's under priced ratio of big hits, this card still pushed the 10k US barrier - UNGRADED.



2019-20 Contenders Cracked Zion Williamson RC Rookie Ticket BGS 9.5 10 AUTO

Zion Contenders Cracked Rookie Ticket

Final Sale Price:$80k USD

Wow. Daylight between number 2 and Number 1, this card, in nearly flawless condition went for $80k USD - over 100k AUD. All for a 2nd year player.



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