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Top 10 Highest Selling BGS 9 Michael Jordan Cards February 2020

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Top 10 Highest Selling BGS 9 Michael Jordan Cards February 2020

What's up guys! 

Faz from here, hope everyone is doing great!

It's been a few weeks of madness in the world with the Corona Virus and such, but that has not stopped collectors, experts and investors from spending BIG on NBA collectors cards, and especially not Mint Condition MJ's (lol). 

Michael Jordan is obviously one of the greatest NBA basketball players of all time, and, many people consider him to be THE greatest player of all time. Thus he generally commands a decent price point in the collectors' card marketplace.

Today's review will be on the Top Highest Selling Michael Jordan Cards for the month of February 2020. Now, these are confirmed sales only, no speculations or guesses, just the highest sales numbers. Please note that these cards are all BGS 9 or 9.5 rated cards. BGS 9 + cards are generally valued much higher due to the Beckett Grading System usually being a bit stricter and tougher to land higher grades on then their competitors, thus rating the value of each high graded card (usually).



1998-1999 SkyBox Thunder Rave

BGS 9 Mint 


Sold For: $1800

We all know MJ cards are valuable, and this card is no exception, netting just under $2k.

SkyBox, who is owned by Marvel Entertainment, doesn't make cards anymore after being merged with Fleer in the late 90s. This means that some of their rare cards can get expensive.



2012-13 Fleer Retro Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan 100 BGS 9 Mint


 Selling Price: $1888

The more modern style Precious Metal Gems Inserts have some real value packed into them, and this is a prime example!



2015 The Bar Michael Jordan Bulls Game Used Letter 'O' Patch Auto BGS 9 Mint

 Selling Price: $2026

To be honest, I'm surprised this didn't go for more given its an authentic piece of an actual game-used jersey! Someone obviously got a bargain with this piece!




Sold For: $2500

Metal Inserts had a quick rise to fame and since then have been a great addition to any collection. 



 2003-04 SP Authentic Signatures Michael Jordan Bulls HOF AUTO BGS 9

Sold For: $3383

As MJ Auto cards become less and less common and rarer, the price collectors are prepared to pay just goes up. This card is a perfect example.



SP Authentic KOBE JORDAN MAGIC Triple Signatures 2.10 BGS 9.10 Auto

Selling Price: $5000

At 5k, this is actually a steal! Kobe, MJ and Magic Autos and a BGS 9. Still at 5k its quite amazing.



SP Authentic KOBE JORDAN MAGIC Triple Signatures 2of10 BGS 9 Auto


Sold For: $7000

Just like #5, and from the same seller, this one tipped the scales at an impressive 7k! That's 12k for the pair!



2007-08 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Acetate Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Dual AUTO BGS 9

Selling Point: $8100

As we have seen with Autos and Inserts, the price can get very attractive for sellers. This one was a 6 of 15 card making it very rare!




Sold For: $15000

15k. Insert, Auto and a 4 of 10 set piece make this card a collectors dream. I can only imagine it will continue to rise in value over the long run!



1986-87 MICHAEL JORDAN Fleer Rookie #57 BGS 9.5+ Superior Quality 

Selling Price: $20000

It's hard to imagine cards selling for 5 figures. But when its an MJ rookie Fleer card rated BGS 9.5, this is one to truly behold!

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