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What is Card Grading?

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What is Card Grading?

Card Grading is the art of Submitting a Trading Card (sports card/tcg/gaming) to a Professional Grading Company (3rd Party Service). The Grading Company inspects the card for authenticity, but more importantly gives it a ranking number to verify the cards quality. This is usually based on a 10-Point-Scale system, and encased in a tamper proof hard plastic molded casing. This protects the card from dirt and dust, so the card remains in the same condition after it is encapsulated.

When it comes to Grading Companies, there are 3 main companies and many smaller companies. Reputation varies between these copmpanies depending on who you ask, but the 3 bigger known companies are PSA or Professional Sports Authenticator BGS or Beckett Grading Services and SGC or Sportscard Guaranty

Each grading company's fees vary for card grading and so do the 'turn around' times for recieving your cards back from the grading company once the grading process has been completed.

It's important to note that card grading usually increases a cards value but not always. 

If you'd like to have your cards graded with us, head to our Graded Card Submissions page and submit your cards now! 


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