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Card Grading Australia - A First Glance

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Card Grading Australia - A First Look

Operating since 2012 - nearly a decade - as the ONLY Legitimate Grading Company in the country, Card Grading Australia have been slowly building a steady relationship with its customer base, a very loyal and passionate Card Collecting fan base, comprising of Sports Collectors, Gaming Card Collectors and other assorted Card Collectors.

Heading the operation is Craig Leyshon, over 3 decades of experience in the Printing Industry, as well as studies in forensic science and document examination, making for the perfect blend of knowledge and experience for Australian Collectors to benefit from.

Having recently transitioned from a '100 Point' Grading Scale System to a '10 Point' Grading Scale System to be in-line with the more notable grading companies will possibly see its card values start to reflect the re-sale value of the larger grading companies, and attract more customers grading more 'high-end' cards. 

Card Grading Australia seals its graded cards in tamper-proof, air-tight holders, which offers the ultimate in preservation and protection.

Graded generally increase in value, offering the customer an opportunity to turn a collectable into a commodity.

For more information, head to CGA Website here! <<<<--------




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